About Cayla’s Kitchen Sink

Hello, chefs in the making! I’m just a gal who loves to be in the kitchen. It makes me happy, and it sure seems to please the people I serve.

I grew up in a family with some talented cooks, so I naturally developed an appreciation for food and a love of the cooking process. It has grown from a hobby to a passion to a career influence; I have a degree from the University of Florida in journalism and hope to either work for a food-driven magazine or in a restaurant or bakery.

The recipes I post for you aren’t meant to impress. I simply want to share my love of food and pass on my experiences to show that anyone can make a delicious meal! I hope this ever-growing arsenal will inspire you and help break up your lunch or dinner routines.

Search the site by scrolling through the blog posts, scanning the categories or searching for a term I may have tagged.

A big shout out to my sous chef, Bart: THANK YOU, DAD! You make cooking these treats infinitely more enjoyable.

*Veggies and fruit don’t always make it onto the plate for the photo, but I promise I eat them! They just aren’t always the star of the recipe :D

*I often copy and paste ingredients and directions from the authors’ websites.*


4 Comments to “About Cayla’s Kitchen Sink”

  1. HI cayla…love this blog! already found something to use!
    Jan and Kurt

  2. Hi Cayla! I was chatting with your mom a while ago, and she told me about your blog! Love it, and your collection of recipes. You always have been so creative.
    ♥ Debi Rogers (Mrs.Rogers from Sea Gate Elementary) (Art)

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